Y4Y Québec is a provincial network
representing English-speaking
youth (ages 16-30)

Community initiatives

About Us

Y4Y Quebec will achieve this
through the following objectives:

 a. Providing a platform to share information on resources, training and networking
opportunities, and employment/career services for English-speaking youth (age 16-30)
via outreach to communities throughout Quebec;

b. Supporting English-speaking youth (age 16-30) in accessing support resources and
networks through the help of regional ambassadors throughout Quebec;

c. Providing networking opportunities for English-speaking youth (age 16-30) in Quebec, to include opportunities for engaging with the official language majority;

d. Providing a vehicle for youth to take leadership roles in their community and inspire
their peers to become involved in influencing public policy to ensure that all language
groups are equally represented in Quebec society with the goal of optimizing
employability, the acquisition of French language skills as well as social and economic

e. Creating a strong sense of belonging to the community so that all youth will feel a part of Quebec society.


Y4Y Quebec is made up of a core group of dedicated youth who share a common goal of cultivating and sustaining an active youth led network in Quebec. They work in collaboration with community organizations to maximize their efforts by creating a link with English-speaking youth, and to connect, promote and mobilize English-speaking youth so that they are aware of
supports available to them, which will ensure they reach their full potential and remain in Quebec.
The end goal is to create a sense of community among English-speaking youth and a strong sense of belonging to Quebec society. In other words, English-speaking youth will have a vehicle to take a leadership role in their community, to inspire their peers to become involved and active members of society, to liaise with and engage the French-speaking community, and to mobilize the broader English-speaking community around issues that impact the community’s vitality.

Board of Directors


Malcolm Lewis-Richmond
Interim President

A runner-up for the QCGN's Young Quebecers Leading the Way award in 2017, Malcolm Lewis-Richmond is a linguistics student interested in building bridges between the English and French-speaking communities. After graduating from bilingual programs in high school and in Cegep, Malcolm acknowledged the need to adequately represent linguistic minority communities. An experienced political organizer, Malcolm brings his experience in leadership, campaign strategy, governance, communications and advocacy work to the table.


Shae-Lynn Roberts
Interim Vice-President (Internal)

Shae-Lynn Roberts was raised on the Lower North Shore of Quebec and has always been deeply attached to its 15 small communities. She left the region to attend post-secondary education at Heritage College in Gatineau for two years and then obtained a bachelor’s degree in environmental science at McGill University. Shortly after finishing her degree, Shae-Lynn had the privilege to move back to the Lower North Shore and work in her field of study at the Coasters Association, a local Non-Profit. It is because of her continuous engagement with the English speaking community, as a student and as a resident of the Lower North Shore, that Shae- Lynn has become so passionate for the Y4Y-Quebec group. Shae-Lynn has a strong network along the region and has access to the youth of the Lower North Shore and the challenges they face, including an understanding of what living in an urban setting means. Shae-Lynn Roberts’ acquired skill set will lend experience and dedication in this leadership position moving forward. She is very optimistic for the future of the English speaking community’s prosperity in Quebec.


Jonathan Patton
Interim Vice-President (External)

Jonathan was born on Entry Island, Québec and is bilingual. He graduated high school in 2006 on the Gaspé coast and completed his Bachelor of Business Administration, double majoring in statistics and tourism management. Jonathan is a volunteer organist, lay reader, and Church Warden at All Saints’ Memorial Church, Entry Island, where he conducts services of public worship and the music during services. Jonathan currently works on various projects for tourism development on the Îles de la Madeleine and fishes lobster with his father during lobster fishing season. One of his favorite quotes is from Rumi, and it reads, “let the beauty we love, be what we do”. When there is passion behind the work we do, it fuels us to work for the change we believe is possible. Jonathan’s life and career have been driven by a strong passion to alleviate the struggles other face as a minority and he is excited to be a part of enacting that.


Melanie Robertson
Interim Secretary

Melanie Robertson is a recent graduate from the University of Ottawa, completing a Bachelor of Arts degree with a specialization in Communications. Melanie was born and raised on the Lower North Shore of Quebec, in an isolated and secluded village called La Tabatiere. Having grown up in such a small community, Melanie became highly involved in community development and several non-profits and leisure associations at a young age. Shortly after graduating, she returned home to the Lower North Shore, working as a tourism development agent for the Coasters Association. With a strong passion for the region she grew up in, Melanie is dedicated to working towards the creation of a sustainable economy for the Lower North Shore and helping to develop the region to reach its full potential. In the future, she hopes to continue work in the nonprofit sector, potentially in youth empowerment roles.


Jonathan Seifert
Interim Treasurer

Currently studying Political Science at Concordia University and with a D.E.C. in Social Science from Vanier College, Jonathan Seifert serves as acting Chief Financial Officer for Prznc Technologies. He has a demonstrated track record of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Investments, Marketing Strategy, Public Speaking, Marketing, and Social Media Marketing, Jonathon is also the Youth Director for the conservative party of Canada. He has previously served as the President of the Board of Directors for the North Shore Montreal Conservative Association. Jonathon is a strong finance and Marketing professional with a drive for excellence.


Alexander Gordon
Board Member,
Co-Chair Communications Committee

After actively participating in many student-led non-profit organizations at Concordia University, Alexander graduated with a BA in Sociology in 2012. From there, he briefly was a high school substitute teacher in Iqaluit, NU, before returning to Montreal and joining the Youth Employment Services (YES Montreal) team as Special Events and Fundraising Coordinator. Throughout the years, Alexander has found joy in community building and non-profit work, volunteering with the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation as Director of Logistics and with the charitable branch of Hockey Canada as Ticket Donation Program Lead. In 2015, Alexander was honored with the inaugural QCGN Young Quebecers Leading the Way award. He is currently a serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves as a Lieutenant with the Canadian Grenadier Guards.


Kenny Streule
Board Member,
Chair Launch Committee

From humble beginnings growing up on a Lake Brome dairy farm, Kenny Streule always aspired to be an actor. His career launched with his performance in 14 Diaries of the Great War right after graduating from Dawson College in May 2010. He is an active member of the bilingual Montreal performing arts community. He has collaborated with many Montreal Talents such as Catherine Bérubé and Amy Blackmore. Kenny has performed with the Montreal Shakespeare Theatre Company, Chocolate Moose Theatre Company, and Kaleidoscope Theatre. He joined MainLine Theatre’s team in September 2014 as an administration assistant and today is the associate director of the theatre that produces the annual St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival, Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Show, and the Bouge d’Ici Festival. Kenny recently closed a 2-week run of his inaugural written piece, City Boy, to a receptive audience. His current project for The Young Creative Unit, presented by Playwright’s Workshop Montreal, Mal Understood is based on his own challenges of being trilingual in a monolingual world and he has co-written Cheap Cheap, a series based off of his far too long career at a dollar store. He is extremely excited to be collaborating with all of the Y4Y members to bring forth this project to a province whose youth need to be heard.


Hayley Campbell
Board Member

Hayley is an undergraduate student in business administration and is a member of the board of directors for Youth for Youth Quebec. She has a strong sense of belonging to her community and hopes that with this group, other English-speaking youth will feel more engaged with Quebec Society. She is involved with the Pontiac Agricultural Society and Alpha Phi. She was previously the Ambassador of the Shawville Fair.


Gabriela Navarrete-Rolls
Board Member

Gabriela Navarrete received her BA from Concordia University in Political Science and is on the board of directors for Y4Y Quebec. Her involvement stems from her interest in youth engagement, community participation and Quebec society. Her experiences range from being a leader for the Girl Guides of Canada, a participant in QCGN initiatives and part of the executive committee for an inter-university political analysis journal. Additionally, she has volunteered for the United Nations Association of Canada and the International Political Science Association. She hopes to play a role in uniting the English and French-speaking communities on both a professional and personal level.